FMC | Covid

At Family Medical Clinic your safety is our top priority. As we continue to navigate COVID-19 we are constantly reviewing our daily procedures. Currently, we ask patients to call us from their vehicles upon arrival. We will assess the patient for any signs of a respiratory illness such as fever, cough, shortness of breath or sore throat. Once we determine a patient's needs, a decision is made by the staff to treat them in their vehicle or allow the patient inside. Patients with respiratory symptoms are not allowed inside our building. All patients are greeted with staff wearing masks. Patients are welcome to wear their own masks inside the building as additional protection. Each room and all equipment is sanitized between use. Only the patient being seen is allowed inside and a child may be accompanied by only one adult (who must be symptom-free).

Every week we will reevaluate our policy and adjust as necessary. Again we want you to feel at ease at our clinics when you are here to visit. Please feel free to call our office or speak with the staff with any questions.

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